About Us

Mission20, a youth social enterprise with divisions that independently focuses on humanitarian and social responsibility projects and other independent profit-making businesses which contribute 10%-40% of it’s net profit towards purely charitable projects and the functioning of Mission20 Foundation. The first startup of Mission20 is Mission20 Knowledge, a platform which seeks to provide training and development through unique events hosted by subject matter experts. After a decade of functioning as a

M20 Knowledge

Creating a successful next generation of leaders through the right knowledge and thriving network of communities.

Journey of Mission20

The humble beginning… Mission20 started as a youth group in 2007 by school students of aged between 14 and 15 with the sole aim of helping humanity through scouting and environmental activities under the umbrella of Kainat Foundation, which was affiliated to ICC, Indian Embassy, Qatar. Since then, it has been at the forefront of many social responsibility projects in partnership charity organizations across Qatar with the involvement of local

MISSION20 Magazine

Have you checked our first ever 60 pages magazine which covers a lot about our journey in the last decade and future of the next decade.

Mission20 Foundation

Mission20 Foundation is a rebranded version of Mission20, retaining it’s decade old value of being a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility and volunteering. Mission20 Foundation separates itself from other new profitable divisions of Mission20 with the aim and focus of continuing charitable activities with the support from its profitable divisions along with a partnership with other organizations and individuals. To be an organization which identifies the needs of society

How do we support humanity?

Funds & In-Kind: Fundraisers and in-kind donations campaigns in partnership with registered charity organizations for prioritized local and international social causes. Volunteers: Volunteering support for

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Public Fundraising

As the main activity of Mission20 Foundation, we work on different humanitarian relief projects involving public volunteers in association with local registered charity organizations which

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