Eventbrite - Invitation for 10th Anniversary

– from a humble beginning with a group of young students having a common vision to change the world, is about to complete it’s 10 years of operation this February 20th, 2017. After these 10 years of hard work by our young members, we feel proud to say that we are now part of an international community working on the forefront of borderless social causes powered by the kindness of Qatar’s multicultural society. For us, it was an incredible journey, a journey of determination and dedication, with countless projects done in the areas of education, health, sports, emergency fundraisers with local charities and community developments & awareness with the support from sponsors & partners and the incredible potential of Qatar’s youth. The time has come for us to grow, and further expand our reach to those less privileged, and in the process have the society of today fulfil their Duty towards humanity. We have made sure this anniversary is not only to celebrate successful 10 years but we will lay foundation for the vision 2027 with a strong roadmap for the next 10 years. We do not wish to be a traditional charity organization but we will do all those through sustainable solutions. We always wish to connect three dots, corporates/SME, youth/individuals and beneficiaries in next 10 years. Most of our projects will be practical and tangible in nature, we believe making a change which is seen and felt.

What is it? We invite the youth to attend the 10th anniversary of Mission20 which is not only celebrating the milestones but has included very beneficial and youth oriented programs, the participating students will be given a certificate of participation along the beneficial knowledge and volunteering opportunities in recognized social projects in Qatar. Certificates for school students only.

The event will be held in Dr. Latifa Al Houty Auditorium, College of the North Atlantic – Qatar on 20th February 2017 at 6pm to 8.30pm. The program includes panel discussion, speech from distinguished guests, a talk by Dr. Rajeev Thomas on ‘Planning Your Future’, awards distribution, Young Visionary Awards to Ismail Rifau from Maldives, Launch the special magazine, documentary, announcement of Vision 2027 and launch of Solanki Peace brand.

The Panel discussion is on “Social Responsibility: Is It Shared Responsibility?” with the panelists representing the youth affairs department of Ministry of Culture & Sports, Eid Charity, well-known private business, a youth leader and moderated by Mr. George Tavola (Volunteer Program Manager, Reach Out to Asia). We are living in a very technological era in which it’s easy to spread the right information and knowledge, we want everyone to hear from the genuine people who are making difference in their own space. The panel will discuss about social responsibility and why it’s important to contribute towards different causes, how they can promote it among youth and the moderator will ask the questions and views which can be based on the industry/organization the panelists represent, what social responsibility means from their perspective, the best practices and how to support the younger generation in making them socially responsible.

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