Volunteer Program by Mission20 & Solanki Peace

Mission20’s Goodness Force is the army of young global citizens with core motive of youth engagement & promoting goodness through implementation of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with various non-profit & non-governmental organizations and corporate organizations. As the world’s youth population is increasing, it’s crucial to train, educate & mobilize them towards social responsibility at the tender age with the aim of transforming the world & creating real leaders until 2030.

Role & Involvement:

All the Goodness Force officers would be involved in various projects which falls in the selected sustainable development goals of the UN. The selection of the projects would be based on its need, implementation process, funds & availability of officers. The officers would participate in below types of projects for the selected goals.

  • Participate on-ground: Participate on projects which directly exposes the officers to the beneficiaries, underprivileged communities like teaching, distribution of in-kind items, helping in building structures which requires minimum expertise, clean-up of surroundings, food distributions etc.
  • Licensed Fundraisers: Assist in raising funds for any causes connected with the sustainable development goals in partnership with registered NGO/charity. The cause/project & the fund raiser has to be pre-approved by the concerned government authority, Mission20 would provide no support of the Goodness Force for illegal fundraising activities directly or indirectly.
  • Virtual & Physical Awareness: Goodness Force officers would be involved in various awareness activities organized independently or part of any existing event in various physical locations like universities, malls, parks, commercial complexes, stadiums etc.

Human Support for related events: Goodness Force officers would actively participate in all types of events connected to any of the UN sustainable development goals organized by any of the partnering organizations.

Partner with us

As a youth organisation we believe that positive change can be brought in the society if one decides to change him/herself. Come forward and partner with us for a cause that might shape the future of a less fortunate one because a small step of yours can bring a big change for them. Please come and partner with us as a Goodness Force officer, an investing partner or a non for profit organization.



The youth should get involved in sustainable development goals initiative taken by Mission20. This would ensure that they get exposure to social projects at an early age so that they grow up with right values and responsibilities.

Register to be the Officer at the Goodness Force


NGO/Charity Organization:

On partnering with Mission20, an NGO/Charity organization would receive the support of Mission20 through its Goodness Force (youth volunteers) for quality implementation of their projects and well organized marketing. Many social projects lack impact or may fail due to lack of hands & minds, Goodness Force is the answer.

Email us if you wish to partner: [email protected]



Partnership of a Corporate/Business organization in the youth development and empowerment project is the key in getting the team off the ground through the financial support as an investment towards youth engagement. Corporates who believe in youth as the powerhouse of goodness & has a CSR budget with youth empowerment focus is welcome to support us. We will ensure that the corporate organization play the important role for a positive change in the society and along with all necessary exposure of the corporate brand among the youths for their good intentions.

Email us if you wish to partner: [email protected]

Universities/Colleges/Schools: Partnership with the universities/colleges/schools would be for two main reasons, to provide opportunity to youth to participate in the social projects & jointly organise social projects for youth engagement along with joint leadership & development trainings. Educational institutions & campuses are the best place to raise awareness on various social problems, mainly those in the SDG with the belief that raising awareness among youth can instil positive values among youth & creating the sense of responsibility for the positive change & needed social progress.

Email us if you wish to partner: [email protected]

Where are We?:
We are currently active in Qatar & India. If anyone wishes to start the branch of Goodness Force in their city or country, contact: [email protected]

Qatar Hotline: +974 306-306-23 | [email protected]ion20.org

Indian Hotline: +91 99130 08738 | [email protected]