What's Goodness Force?

Mission20’s Goodness Force (GF) is the army of young global citizens with core motive of youth engagement, empowerment & promoting goodness through implementation of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with various non-profit & non-governmental organizations and corporate organizations.

Why volunteer with us?

All the Goodness Force officers would be involved in various projects which falls in the selected sustainable development goals of the UN. The selection of the projects would be based on its need, implementation process, funds and availability of the officers. The officers would participate in below types of projects for the selected goals.

Community Projects | Licensed Fundraisers | Virtual & Physical Awareness | Social Events & Campaigns

Be a part of Qatar’s first chapter before we move out to the world, Goodness Force is coming in every country, every city and every institution.

Engage yourself as


This person is the ultimate leader of the GF in a country/state/region and is chosen by the Mission20 headquarter (HQ).


This position is rotational based on projects & can also be held by multiple individuals leading the projects based on different areas or functions.


Every person who voluntarily joins the Goodness Force would be the GF Officer.

Mission20’s entrepreneurial efforts and event management skills has channeled to noble and charitable causes and it’s setting a role for other youth organizations and individuals. The energy and zest of the team shows their passion for this mission while they resonate with the people who they wish to help through their activities. An organization with such integrity requires the community’s support to achieve their goals and objectivies and continue to do good.

Fazil Hameed

Director, Al Muftah Rent-A-Car

Self income generating organization that supports humanitarian causes world wide, that’s the place I see Mission20 hold in the future. I’ve been engaged in most of their fundraisers, envisioning is one thing, carrying it out in action is another, I think its is because of the way they build communities and work in partnership with people, they don’t try do it alone.

Farhaan Ahmed Khan


I’ve known Mission20 for the last seven years and was involved in various projects. I have always seen the team blooming with new ideas and engrossed in carrying them out, which is probably the very reason M20 is progressing. I trust the mind-set behind this organization and also their intentions. It is a great inspiration for people cause the world needs more like them to accomplish such deeds.

Hassan Rathore

Graphic Designer, CNA-Q

The young enthusiasts with their leadership quality has helped Mission20 achieve great goals. I dont believe I have had the priviledge or time to be a major contributor to the vast activities of Mission20 other than just hoping good for the group. Each member of Mission20 will have a happier and healthier lifestyle because of the support and prayers from the people that have received help from M20.

Belal Ahmad

Pilot, Air Arabia