How can I join Goodness Force?

You can become a member of Goodness Force by registering on our website (online form link). After your application is received, the Volunteer Officer or the Goodness Ambassador of your region will contact you about the next step.

Is there an age limit for volunteers in
Mission20 or Goodness Force?

Anyone below the age of 35 can join. Above the age of 35 please email at
[email protected] to show your interest.

Are volunteers given certificates of participation?

Yes, a certificate of appreciation will be given at the end of most of the events or on International Volunteers’ Day

Do I need to have any volunteer experience?

No, we take volunteers from all different backgrounds. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to serve.

What are the benefits I will get as a
Mission20’s Goodness Force volunteers?

Goodness Force will offer the acquisition of new skills and the opportunity to meet people of diverse backgrounds, make amazing friendships and create memories that you will cherish for life.
As a volunteer, we will provide you with:

• Training / Orientation
• Free Event T-shirt
• Refreshments
• Certificate of Appreciation

What all can you be involved in?

You can be involved in any of the below mentioned programs:
  • Goodness Force
  • Global Goodness Force
  • Ambassadors
  • Internship
  • Corporate Engagement
  • Community Engagement

How can I join Goodness Force?

Volunteering can add a great value to your life and also to lives of other people in the community. It offers you a chance to become involved in a project to make a change in someone’s life. This also gives an opening to meet new and like-minded people. It also gives you the chance to try out something different to your ‘routine’ job, which may lead on to new career options.
Have a question that is not answered? Contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

How to partner with us?

You can send an enquiry email at [email protected]. The organisation will revert back if there is any such requirement.

Do interns get paid at internships?

No, Mission20 (Foundation) does not pay the interns for the internship period that they have provided their service for.

How to find about new activities at Mission20?

You can subscribe to Mission20’s routine newsletter and get updates of the latest activities happening at the organization. The best way to stay up-to-date with us is our Facebook page

Does Mission20 raise money for charity?

All the fundraisers we have been part of were approved by the local authorities & all the activities were done in partnership with the local registered charity organizations. Mission20 does not engage in any unauthorised & unnecessary fundraisers. The administration expense of Mission20 is paid through the profit-making projects & event sponsorships.