Patron of Mission20, Project Engineer, Kahramaa.

“It has been a privilege to be associated with such an exceptional organization for the past 10 years and I am extremely honored to be the Patron of the Mission20. I have learned many valuable things over the years that has helped me grow personally as a Manager and assisted me in organizing various events for the community. On the occasion of Mission20’s 10th anniversary, I wish to thank Mr. Amanat Solanki (Founder & Chairman) for his vision and perfect execution of his dreams into reality and for playing a significant role in the development of the organization. I would extend my congratulatory to the three groups of people who played an important role in the development of Mission20.
First – to the group of students who believed and acted upon an idea that such an association would be practical to promote and serve the community in various fields (Mainly- Sports, Education, Environment, Helping underprivileged society etc) in the state of Qatar/Internationally.
Second – to the group of young leaders and members who expanded the original vision of the organization by offering exciting new activities for supporting underprivileged workers and taking care of the issues related to them.
Third – to the group of future leaders who will continue to emerge and nurture the development of Mission20. Over the past years we have seen many changes and we expect that the years to come will be no different.
Please consider joining Mission20, if you are not a member. If you are already a member, become an active and involved one. You will be amazed by experience that will be gained from this prodigious organization.”


Patron of mission20, Founder and Chairman, Kainat Foundation

“I am delighted, Mission20 is celebrating its 10th anniversary and bringing out magazine on this occasion. I remember the humble beginning of this journey and cherish the memories of initial days of dedicated, enthusiastic, supportive young boys with passion & enthusiastic group called Mission20. Mission20 has covered wide range of social issues within a small span of time. Kainat foundation was established on 8th February 1999 with objectives to promote Education for All, promoting Science, Environmental Awareness, Child, Women & Health – Care and Community development. Kainat Foundation explores the opportunities for young students to become not only the subject of change but an agent of change. My experiments in the education system has inspired me to tap the power of vivid imaginations and bubbling energy of the young students for a better society. My friend Scout Master G.M.Shafi Shariff supported me unconditionally in shaping the young teenagers in a system through Scouting and additional supported classes for science subjects. As result a group of committed students emerged with a mission to serve humanity; Mission20. The Mission20 is well attached with its base as supporting partner to Kainat Foundation in achieving its goal Education for All. The Kainat Foundation wishes Mission20 and all dedicated partners a grand success in celebrating the 10th anniversary and assuring all support and guidance to a visionary roadmap for further 10 years; Vision2027.”