To create a successful next generation of leaders through knowledge development and a thriving network of communities.

Program Offerings

MISSION20 KNOWLEDGE – for a knowledge-based ecosystem Mission20 Knowledge, the first startup of Mission20, a decade-old youth social enterprise is a platform for personal & professional development through non-formal educational programs with a focus on youth development & entrepreneurship. The platform also includes corporate training & development programs through partnerships with internationally reputed and accredited institutions, training providers & subject-matter experts, which complement existing sources of knowledge & education. Mission20 Knowledge is constantly evolving to provide different means of learning & knowledge development that connects students, fresh graduates, professionals & youth in general with international & regional experts of modern knowledge. The aim is to get the youth involve, experience and evolve with the knowledge on important topics of their interest across multiple disciplines and to help them succeed on their chosen field with a strong foundation of social responsibility.

Program Offerings

As the importance of non-formal education as well as continuous learning & development is increasing all over the world with a heavy integration of technology, we want to make sure this part of the region benefits from it as well. As non-formal education is diverse, this element has many aspects in common with other elements, particularly Lifelong learning. While non-formal education is often considered a second-best option to formal education, it should be noted that it can provide higher-quality education than that available in formal schools. The training & development programs as well as digital awareness are held on various disciplines including entrepreneurship & start-ups, sales & marketing, social media & communications, hospitality & public relations, ethical finance & investment, IT & e-commerce, law & safety, youth empowerment & diplomacy, art & design, nutrition & healthy lifestyle. Our broad programs along with RECOUNTS series include the below mentioned with scope of advancements as and when required:

Retreat Trips

International Retreat trips to get away from daily routines and focus on goals, plan development, leadership programs. The concept of purposeful retreat trips is becoming a choice for many professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers & those who are trying to figure out their life goals. The trips are meant to make the participants mentally & physically active with ethical, educational & entertaining activities. This will be a unique opportunity to escape the grind of life, define goals and learn & apply practical skills to help you live the best version of yourself.

RECOUNTS by Mission20 Knowledge

RECOUNTS, is an upcoming interview segment aka the talk show providing knowledge through experiences of doers, movers, inspirers & entrepreneurs. Their recounts of true-life failures, hindrances, strategies, goals & success will be a source of motivation for the viewers along with the aim of giving exposure for the inspiring ventures of these individuals. The current focus is on the start-ups in Qatar along with the wider focus in future.

Hands-on Experience

Educational activities & competitions (Hackathon, Public Speaking, Robotics, Innovation challenges etc.) are a great source of learning & challenging abilities, unique concepts & timely innovations in these programs will be done along with implementing successful models implemented in other places.

Educational Field Trips

Field trips are the best way to understand the whole concept of what is thought in theory, we believe that in the fast changing world, it’s important to give practical experiences to the students & show them the ground-reality. International & National Educational Field Trips will be conducted for better practical experiences of professions & jobs as well as understanding the processes. These programs are mainly designed for the school & university students of different age groups.

Annual Summits

Annual International leadership & peace summit will be organized in Qatar inviting youth from all over engaging in UN style talks on different issues at the community level on education, poverty, environment & create peace building projects in different communities. The aim is to promote peace as well as instil leadership values among the youth so that they can take charge on promoting goodness in their own communities. The international participants also get to experience Qatar’s heritage, culture & unique hospitality along with seeing Qatar’s growth first hand together with the developments for 2022 FIFA World Cup. The summit will be organized in partnership with knowledge-based humanitarian & government organizations. Corporate Trainings Corporate in-house training & development workshops are done through partnerships with International institutions & subject-matter experts (Soft & Technical). We currently provide in-house trainings through our visiting partner organizations & experts with a notice of 60 days to make sure the arrangements are done. Any organization can view our online profile of the courses provided in Qatar and schedule the workshops for any number of employees from 1-day & more programs.

Talks by Celebrity Speakers

Influential subject-matter experts & decision makers around the world are invited to Qatar for public talks, workshops & masterclasses on various topics & disciplines. They will also be invited for talks in events organized by other organizations & ministries as speakers from M20Knowledge.

Seminar & Workshop

Personal development programs, organized for students & youth of different age groups especially in the schools focuses on life & social skills, are much needed apart from their curriculum. Subject-matter talks for senior school & university students are also organized to cover the current educational topics of different disciplines. Focus is placed on social entrepreneurship among students – Be a leader now, not in the future!

Social Responsibility for Education

10% of the net-profit will be invested in education for underprivileged communities around the world with local Non-profit organizations as well as giving the youth an opportunity to implement the initiatives and learn from it. We will focus on sustainable education programs for the underprivileged communities & engage the youth from the privileged communities to experience their social responsibility. Doing is learning & seeing is knowing!