Mission20 celebrated 10th anniversary on 20th February in College of North Atlantic – Qatar’s Auditorium. Mission20, a youth organization for social responsibility started with students of 14-15 years old in 2007. In the event which was attended by at least 100 people including volunteers, members of Mission20, officials, students and honorable guests, launched it’s first magazine which covers the whole journey of 10 years. The event focused on recognizing the service by its officials and volunteers and focusing on future of Mission20 and awareness of social responsibility for corporates and individuals.

The guests included Mr. Habibun Nabi, General Secretary, Indian Sports Center of Indian Embassy; Mr. Rajesh Kamble, Counselor, Indian Embassy; Mr. David King, Dean of School of Business, College of North Atlantic – Qatar; Dr. Rajeev Thomas, Management Expert, Leadership Transformational Coach & Founder of HOPE Qatar; Mr. George Tavola, Volunteer Program Manager, Reach Out To Asia; Mr. Khalil Raihani, Consultant on Youth Policy; Mr. Naveed Abdullah, Business Director, Gulf Star Group; Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Zainy, Director of Financial Resources Department, Eid Charity, the special guests of evening were the parents of the Mission20 board members Mr. Abdulbasid Solanki, Mr. Mubeen Ahmed, Mr. Mohammed Jahangir and Mrs. Saliamma Oommen who had been the major support to their sons since the beginning.

The two hour long event started with speech from Founder and Chairman of Mission20, Amanat Solanki who shared the story behind Mission20’s existence and inspiration from Shakil Ahmed Kakvi, Founder of Kainat Foundation who was the teacher in MES Indian School. The event followed by speeches from the dignitaries, each guest was awarded a memento for their untiring support.

The main highlight of the event was the Mission20’s new identity as a social enterprise, after a decade of functioning as a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility, Mission20 finally steps on a bigger path of moving in the direction of sustainability through business operations which will help to invest more towards social responsibility projects in the next 10 years. The VISION2027 (a legacy driven vision) was launched which has complete sustainability plan which will be achieved by Social Responsibility Operations and Business Operations. Social Responsibility Operations includes, international humanitarian projects with local affiliations, 10k youth members & 100k volunteers worldwide, feeding minimum 2 million people in the month of Ramadan during the next 10 years, International Peace Award and Educational Awards for students of rural areas, educational Institution and training centre, primary health facilities and clinic. Business Operations includes, multiple startups, sports and fitness, social Responsibility events and campaigns, youth empowerment & humanitarian programs and trainings, youth summits and entrepreneurship/development seminars and focus on technology based products and services.

Moreover, 45 minutes long panel discussion titled “Social Responsibility: Is It Shared Responsibility” was conducted during the event. George Tavola from Reach out to Asia was the moderator of this panel discussion and the panelist were Khalil Raihani, Naveed Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Al Zainy and Amanat Solanki. The topic was discussed in a wide perspective from non-profit organization to a youth organization to social enterprise and to a business. Towards the end each panelist gave their piece of advice to the audience on how to be socially responsible in the role they play.
The outcome of this discussion was how important the role of youngsters, their education, corporate businesses, and charity organizations are when it comes to social responsibility.

A very touching and motivational talk was given by Dr. Rajeev Thomas who specializes in adapting and applying various popular management principles to overcome challenges that individuals face on an ongoing basis – not just in their professions, but also in their personal lives. Dr. Rajeev inspired the audience with his heart touching and spectacular speech in which he shared his very personal life experiences and gave youngsters and their parents some amazing tips on their future planning and how to overcome constraints that any individual faces in any aspect of their life or profession. He made sure that he left the audience better than he found them and he left some in tears.

The Founder, Amanat Solanki launched “Solanki Peace” an apparels brand for peace makers. The objective of the brand is to spread peace and social responsibility through stylish and quality clothing collections and other apparels. Every time someone buys Solanki Peace product, part of the proceeds will go towards food, clothing, shelter or education of the refugees or the homeless. The products will be released in June 2017 and will be sold online and dedicated mobile application of the brand in gulf region. The first few collections will have semi casual clothes catering the preferences of the age group 16-30.

The evening of recognition and future ended with recognizing and awarding the volunteers and Mission20’s operations team namely Sanjeeda Hossain, Khalid Khoso, Thabsheer Thajuddeen, Saqib Iqbal and Atif Khan. The service of the board of directors was appreciated by awarding their parents for the continuous support, guidance, prayers and blessings, the board members present were Mohammed Nabeel, Sufiyan Akhtar, Suhaim Al Haroon, Mohamad Awais, Amanat Solanki along with the mother of Arun V Oommen. Other members who were out of the country are Amanullah Halimi, Faisal Farooq and Jassim Tisekar.

Young Visionary Award, a new annual award was announced during the event, which is given to a youth whose work is able to inspire the younger generation, is making difference in their community and has a broad vision. This year it was awarded to Ismail Rifau, a 26 year old from Maldives has a wide range of portfolio keeping him busy and focused. Ismail currently is the President of Blek Foundation, Founder of Blek Academy, Managing Director of Blek Group of Companies & Subsidiaries (MV, LK, SG, PH), Director of Ecosia/Eco Group of Companies & Subsidiaries (MV, LK), Executive Board Member (Business Development) of Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth (NGO), Youth Council Member of Maldives Development Alliance (Political Party) and Fellow of Royal Institution of Entrepreneurs, Royal Institute of Singapore.

The Vice Chair, Mohammed Nabeel presented his wholehearted gratitude to College of the North Atlantic – Qatar for providing the Dr. Latifa Al Houty Auditorium, Evntnxt for the digital services, Trinity Talent Qatar for supporting us in promoting this event and their Project Manager Mr. Mohammed EL Saeedi for hosting the event, Deccan Deewan for refreshments.

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