Lifestyle brand proudly born in Qatar

Solanki Peace

Solanki Peace is a fashion-targeted brand for clothing and apparels, which was founded by Amanat Solanki, a social entrepreneur and the prestigious Founder of Mission20, a social enterprise, with a non-profit division that independently focuses on various humanitarian and social responsibility projects.

Solanki Peace comes with a strong sense of responsibility and seeks to add a value to our very basic need of clothing. This is a brand that will fulfill all your fashion needs, by helping you look good, trendy, classic, and versatile. Every time someone buys a Solanki Peace product, part of the profit will be donated towards the implementation of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with a focus of Solanki Peace on No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education & Peace, Justice and Institutions primarily for homeless & refugees through contributions from the sales & engaging Mission20’s Goodness Force, an army of young global citizens. Different models such as “buy-two-donate-one”, “$1 or $2” on each product and many others will be adapted to add a purpose to every purchase that you make.