After a decade of functioning as a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility; Mission20 finally steps into a bigger path of moving in the direction of sustainability through business operations which will help to invest more towards social responsibility projects in the next 10 years.
Mission20 has decided to engage in activities that are to be attained by 2027.

Social Responsibility Operations

International Humanitarian projects with local affiliations.

10k youth members & 100k volunteers worldwide.

Feeding a minimum of 2 million people during the months of Ramadan.

International Peace Award and Educational Awards for students of rural areas.

Educational Institution and training centers.

Primary Health Facilities and Clinic.

Business Operations

Multiple start-ups.

Sports & Fitness.

Social Responsibility events and campaigns.

Youth Empowerment & Humanitarian programs and trainings.

Youth summits and Entrepreneurship/ Development seminars.

Technology based products and services