Empowering Communities Through
Education: Transforming Lives, One
School at a Time

Digital transformation
at Kainat

Inviting all the corporate entities & organisations to be part of a year-long CSR mission to provide 21st-century digital and technological tools for a 24 years old school in rural area of Bihar, India managed by Kainat Foundation.


Mission20 Foundation

Mission20 Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been serving humanitarian and social responsibility projects for 16 years. Since its inception in 2007 as a youth-led initiative, the foundation has undertaken numerous impactful projects in education, health awareness, sports, emergency fundraisers, community development, and awareness campaigns. The support from institutional, corporate sponsors, and partners, along with the exceptional potential of youth, has contributed to the success of these initiatives.


Kainat Internation School

Kainat International School is a premier English medium educational institution at remote village Kako of Jehanabad District in Bihar, India, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi .The School was established on 8th February 1999 by Shakil Ahmed Kakvi, Founder of Kainat Foundation.


of the Project

Mission20 Foundation is pleased to initiate the “Digital Transformation at Kainat” project in collaboration with Kainat International School. By leveraging the support and contributions of corporate partners, we seek to bridge the digital divide and create a conducive learning environment that fosters academic growth, success, innovation, and equal opportunities for all.



Empowering underprivileged students at Kainat International School through digital transformation, fostering equal access to quality education and nurturing future-ready individuals.



Leveraging technology to bridge the digital divide, we aim to provide a transformative learning environment at Kainat International School, equipping students with digital skills and inspiring lifelong learners who positively impact society.

Areas Covered in the Project

The Digital Transformation at Kainat project aims to achieve
the following objectives:

Mission20 Foundation is pleased to initiate the “Digital Transformation at Kainat” project in collaboration with Kainat International School. By leveraging the support and contributions of corporate partners, we seek to bridge the digital divide and create a conducive learning environment that fosters academic growth, success, innovation, and equal opportunities for all.

School ERP Software

Implementation of a comprehensive School ERP system to streamline administrative processes, including attendance management, grading, and reporting.

Hi-Speed Internet

Establishing a robust and reliable hi-speed internet connection to ensure uninterrupted access to online educational resources, remote learning opportunities and facilitate online collaboration.

Digital Library

Curating a digital library of e-books, educational videos, and multimedia resources to enhance the learning experience and provide a wide range of educational materials.

Laptops and Tablets

Providing students with laptops and tablets to enable personalized learning, access to educational apps, and interactive engagement with digital content to develop digital literacy skills.

Smart Boards

Installing interactive smart boards in classrooms to facilitate interactive and visual learning experiences, promoting student engagement and comprehension to foster collaborative learning.

Integrated Learning Management Apps

Implementing learning management apps to facilitate content delivery, student assessment, and communication among teachers, students, and parents.

Functional Website

Developing and maintaining a functional website for Kainat International School to share information, achievements, and updates, provide access to educational resources and foster community engagement.

Benefits for the School

  • Streamlined administrative processes and improved operational efficiency through the implementation of a School ERP Software system.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration among staff, students, parents, and administrators, leading to improved coordination and increased parental involvement.
  • Efficient management of student records, attendance, and academic performance through the digitization of administrative tasks.
  • Improved data security and privacy through secure storage and access controls.
  • Enhanced institutional reputation and competitiveness through the adoption of modern technology and digital tools.

Benefits for the Students

  • Access to a vast range of digital educational resources, including e-books, videos, and interactive modules, promoting self-directed learning and knowledge acquisition.
  • Increased engagement and motivation through interactive and personalized learning experiences facilitated by Smart Boards and integrated Learning Management Apps.
  • Development of digital literacy skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities required for success in the digital age.
  • Improved access to educational opportunities, including online courses, virtual field trips, and remote learning possibilities.
  • Equal opportunities for underprivileged students to acquire digital skills and bridge the digital divide.

Benefits for the Community and Country

  • Empowered individuals with enhanced digital literacy skills, contributing to the development of a digitally skilled workforce.
  • Reduced educational disparities and improved access to quality education, thereby fostering social and economic growth.
  • Strengthened community engagement and collaboration through the involvement of parents, local businesses, and community organizations in the digital transformation process.
  • Enhanced educational outcomes and increased educational attainment rates, leading to a more educated and prosperous society.

Benefits for Corporate Partners

  • Association with a noble cause focused on supporting underprivileged education and bridging the digital divide.
  • Positive brand exposure and reputation enhancement through collaboration with Mission20 Foundation and Kainat International School.
  • Opportunities for employee engagement and volunteering programs, fostering a sense of corporate social responsibility and team building.
  • Potential networking opportunities with other corporate partners, education experts, and stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Acknowledgment and recognition of corporate partners’ contributions through logo placements, media coverage, and other promotional activities organized by Mission20 Foundation.

Mission20 Foundation’s Exposure to Corporate Partners:

Mission20 Foundation is committed to recognizing and giving exposure to corporate partners who support the “Digital Transformation at Kainat”
project. The exposure initiatives include:

Media Coverage

Corporate partners will be acknowledged and highlighted in press releases, media interviews, and articles related to the project.

Social Media Mentions

Mission20 Foundation will actively promote and mention corporate partners on social media platforms, reaching a wide audience and demonstrating their commitment to the project.

Event Participation

Corporate partners will have opportunities to participate in project-related events, such as inauguration ceremonies, workshops, and seminars, where they can showcase their contributions and interact with stakeholders.

Collateral and Marketing Materials

Corporate partners’ logos and brand names will be featured on project collateral, including brochures, banners, and digital materials.