Education for Underprivileged

Mission20 since its early stage was very keen in promoting education among underprivileged children, it was realized that education has a greater impact in changing the world positively and it can only be achieved when each and every one of us are educated. To make our dreams come true, we started sheltering many classes and educational activities in the Kainat
International School (hyperlink to the School Website ), an excellent example of how education for children should be carried out.


We aim to establish at least one educational institution or vocational training center to uplift the underprivileged in the next few years. Join us in providing basic education to all.

Youth Empowerment

The youth of today can change the fate of tomorrow, therefore, we at Mission20 made it our sole objective to train youth assuring a bright future for the world. The path of helping others and being socially responsible humbles many people. We always thought and experienced that the energy of youngsters can do wonders, that’s why we have always called them ‘Friends of
Mision20’. Until later it was realized that these friends should be ready for the problems in the world therefore ‘Friends of Mission20’ changed to ‘Goodness Force’(hyper link to the GF webpage), which aims to spread goodness in the world.


Currently, our primary focus is to engage the youth in promoting goodness by being socially responsible. We have started a global revolution of Goodness Force which will spread in various cities providing a united platform to do good in the respective communities.

Community Development

The world can only be developed if we have educated people, better communities and harmonious relationship with one another. To achieve that, Mission20 has been very active in different community development initiatives like public awareness for traffic safety, annual Ramadan projects, fundraisers for emergency relief aid with various charity organizations, helping the underprivileged, connecting those in need with those who can support. These are some among other initiatives associated with this objective.


To promote harmonious relations among the communities and engage Goodness Force Officers to work with them on various issues.

Sports & Fitness

Sports has been key activity of Mission20 as a fundraiser for education of underprivileged. A well-known sports tournament “Mission’s Trophy” is being organized since 2009 for the youngsters. Mission20 will be initiating various activities to promote sports and fitness among all age groups.


To establish community-based sports festivals to encourage outdoor sports activities.

Health & Environmental Awareness

Being one of the priorities since we started, we have been very active in creating awareness on different health and environmental issues. Since 2011, we have been the activation partner in the three editions of the Green Programme for Schools organized by Qatar Today, we organized annual blood donation campaigns in coordination with HMC Blood Donor Center of Qatar, actively participated in world diabetes day, environment day and other important UN days through activities or making awareness videos.


As one of the biggest crisis in humanity, we will ensure tangible actions are taken against environmental degradation & crime against the ecosystem through awareness, campaigns & sustainable products. Right steps for environment would lead to good health of all.