Founder, HOPE Qatar

“I have been involved with Kainat Foundation and its Mission20 team in various programs since its inception. Under the visionary leadership of Mr Shakil Kakvi, who has paved way for this dynamic group of youngsters to involve themselves in various socially relevant initiatives. While making a difference to the community in which they engage, M20 has also developed leadership skills among its members who have taken it upon themselves to make a positive impact. M20 has actively supported various events of HOPE Qatar by providing logistical and Volunteering support in the message of HOPE series of events. I will always continue to be a supporter of this organization and look forward to engaging with them even beyond the boundaries of Qatar and explore joint projects in India. Kainat and Mission20 will continue to grow and involve in socially relevant projects in the future.”


Pilot, Air Arabia

“The young enthusiasts with their leadership quality has helped Mission20 achieve great goals. I don’t believe I have had the privilege or time to be a major contributor to the vast activities of Mission20 other than just hoping good for the group and meeting Amanat Solanki once in a while to gain inspiration and give something back to the best of my ability. I strongly believe if Mission20 makes a business process then all the charitable goals will become more realistic, achievable, self-sponsored & most importantly sustainable. I plan to remain top supporter of Mission20’s selfless goal & inspire the group by setting personal charitable goals for my country (India) and achieving them in-time. I am certain M20 will become a leading charitable institution in Qatar that will have a number branches in other countries. Each member of Mission20 will have a happier and healthier lifestyle because of the support and prayers from the people that have received help from M20.”


Asst GM, Al Muftah Rent-A- Car

“Mission20’s entrepreneurial efforts and event management skills has channeled to noble and charitable causes and it’s setting a role for other youth organizations and individuals. The energy and zest of the team shows their passion for this mission while they resonate witht he people who they wish to help through their activities. An organization with such integrity requires the community’s support to achieve their goals and objectives and continue to do good.”


Services, Qatar Petroleum

“I would highly recommend M20 to anyone who is considering a transition or looking for a unique opportunity to serve the community. I’ve built fantastic relationships with other volunteers within the organization and outside. The time I’ve invested here feels positive. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this wonderful team.”


Volunteer Program Manager , Reach Out to Asia (ROTA)

we strongly believe in the power of volunteers to achieve sustainable impact in the development of communities and make a truly positive difference in the world. As the American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” It is with that thought in mind that I lend my full support to Mission20 to continue onwards and upwards to even greater heights over the next ten years. Amanat, you have always added great value to all the ROTA international volunteer trips and activities you have participated in and we thank you for your committed and tireless service. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”


Graphic Designer, CNA-Q

“I’ve known Amanat the last four years and was involved with him in various projects. I have always seen him blooming with new ideas and engrossed in carrying them out, which is probably the very reason M20 is progressing. I trust the mind-set behind this organization and also their intentions. It is a great inspiration for people because the world needs more like them to accomplish such deeds.”


Retired Instructor, CNA-Q

“I’ve known Amanat Solanki since 2012. He has done an excellent job of balancing his studies, at which he excelled and his commitment to Mission20. As long as he continues to play a role in M20, he will be a major contributor to the society.”

Farhaan Ahmed Khan

Projects Specialist

“Self-income generating organization that supports humanitarian causes worldwide, that’s the place I see Mission20 hold in the future. I’ve been engaged in most of their fundraisers, envisioning is one thing, carrying it out in action is another, I think it is because of the way they build communities and work in partnership with people, they don’t try do it alone.”


Former President , College of the North Atlantic- Qatar

Amanat Solanki is the epitome of a “social entrepreneur.” In that a social entrepreneur is defined as someone who, “achieves large scale, systemic, and sustainable social change through a new invention or a different approach.” Over the past ten years, with the creation of Mission20, Amanat has accomplished just that. His organization has been involved in several projects in the areas of community development, education, health, and emergency fundraisers. I distinctly remember when Amanat was a student at CNA-Q, there were numerous times where he would mobilize a fleet of volunteers to respond to individuals or groups in need. Once he even organized a group to collect clothing for the needy and shattered the Guinness World Book of Records record for collection of such items in a 24 hour period. I am proud to say that as a graduate of College of the North Atlantic- Qatar Amanat possess the qualities that mirror our institution – integrity, forward thinking, innovation, empathy, and drive.


Patron of Mission20, Project Engineer, Kahramaa

“It has been a privilege to be associated with such an exceptional organization for the past 10 years and I am extremely honored to be the Patron of the Mission20. I have learned many valuable things over the years that has helped me grow personally as a Manager and assisted me in organizing various events for the community. On the occasion of Mission20’s 10th anniversary, I wish to thank Mr. Amanat Solanki (Founder & Chairman) for his vision and perfect execution of his dreams into reality and for playing a significant role in the development of the organization. I would extend my congratulatory to the three groups of people who played an important role in the development of Mission20. Please consider joining Mission20, if you are not a member. If you are already a member, become an active and involved one. You will be amazed by experience that will be gained from this prodigious organization.”


Patron of mission20, Founder and Chairman, Kainat Foundation

I am delighted, Mission20 is celebrating its 10th anniversary and bringing out magazine on this occasion. I remember the humble beginning of this journey and cherish the memories of initial days of dedicated, enthusiastic, supportive young boys with passion & enthusiastic group called Mission20. Mission20 has covered wide range of social issues within a small span of time. Kainat foundation was established on 8th February 1999 with objectives to promote Education for All, promoting Science, Environmental Awareness, Child, Women & Health – Care and Community development. Kainat Foundation explores the opportunities for young students to become not only the subject of change but an agent of change. The Kainat Foundation wishes Mission20 and all dedicated partners a grand success in celebrating the 10th anniversary and assuring all support and guidance to a visionary roadmap for further 10 years; Vision2027.