Mission20, a youth social enterprise with subsidiaries & initiatives that independently focus on humanitarian and social responsibility projects and other independent for-profit start-ups focusing on innovation, youth engagement & social progress along with contributing part of net profit towards purely charitable projects and the functioning of Mission20 Foundation.

Our Vision

“An ideal social enterprise focusing on core humanitarian duties and leading ways for profit-making businesses to provide for a better tomorrow by being one”

Our Mission

“Focus on ventures which bring positive impact to the lives of people and re-invest along with engaging whole society for our duty towards humanity”

The first initiative of Mission20 was Mission20 Knowledge, a platform that seeks to provide training and development through unique non-formal educational programs by subject-matter experts. The second startup is Solanki Peace, a fashion-targeted brand for clothing and apparels with a special focus on helping the homeless & refugees through sales. The third startup is M20Zero, a technological and digital transformation enterprise for creating ICT-based solutions.
After a decade of functioning as a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility, Mission20 takes bold new steps in the direction of sustainability through business operations which will help improve investment in social responsibility projects over the next 10 years

– Amanat Solanki, Founder on 10th Anniversary (2017).