As Amanat Solanki, the Founder of Mission20 wasn’t able to attend the International Model United Nations (IMUN) conference held in Bangkok, he addressed the participants of the conference through a video message, and he stated his apologies in the same. The message laid out the traditional relation of teachers and students and one such relation of his life which today resulted the formation of the youth organization Mission20. 

Though the organization is a decade old, the organization has seen more failures than success, but more contentment than disappointment, as every failure that was faced was a learning experience. He stated his gratitude to those people who were being selfless, committed, and like-minded and have stayed and walked together in the difficult journey along with the organization. 

Mission20 was recognized as a social enterprise on 20th February 2017, on the 10th anniversary of Mission20. Since then being a social enterprise, the organization owned Mission20 Foundation as a non-profit arm & Mission20 Knowledge as a first startup, which focuses on non-formal educational programs aiming to create a knowledge-based ecosystem. He shared a glimpse about Solanki Peace a lifestyle or clothing brand which is also a social enterprise, which aims to support refugees and homeless through 5 selected sustainable development goals of the United Nations with every sale of the Solanki Peace brand products. “For an individual everything is possible just that we need the right idea, the right plan, and a right team to execute it. 

He illuminated the importance of youth overtaking the responsibility towards the humanity and he briefed about the Goodness Force, a volunteer engagement for the youth that would reach different cities and countries. “Goodness Force is an army of young global citizens with the core motive of youth engagement & promoting goodness, through the implementation of the 8 selected Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. As the world’s youth population is increasing, it’s crucial to train, educate & mobilize them towards social responsibility at the tender age with the aim of transforming the world & creating real leaders until 2030.” 

He shared his concern about the youth being unaware of the matters happening around them, and being in the world of fantasy. He invited the youth to become part of revealing the duty towards humanity and be the reason behind every positive change happening as a solution for the issue. Mission20 aims to achieve its goals by employing all the possible resources for the cause, from the team of trainees to the team of professionals.” 

He invited all to join hands with Mission20 to establish Goodness Force in every part of the world. He ended the message by a question which is to be thought by every single person. “Are we living in the best times? If not, what are you going to do, to make things better around you?”

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