Mission20 and its team have always been proud for being associated with Hope Qatar-the center for differently abled children, since last 11 years. On 11th July 2018, the center hosted the farewell party for Dr. Ciby Mathew, Co-founder & Director of Hope Qatar &also regarded as the mother of Hope Qatar. Dr.Rajeev Mathew Thomas along with Dr.Ciby Mathewhas provided an excellent platform to the differently-abled Asian children in Qatar.

The official message by the founder of Mission20 to Dr. Ciby Mathew on the farewell:

Hello Dr. Ciby, Greetings from me & my friends at Mission20It had been an amazing journey with HOPE Qatar since last 11 years of our existence,We are proud to be associated with HOPE Qatar, it’s your hard work, dedication & persistence of last 13 years which has brought HOPE Qatar this far & I pray for its success. I know it’s a very tough decision to leave Qatar & HOPE Qatar after this long time but every decision is made for a reason & I am sure HOPE Qatar is going to flourish under your watch even if you are away. Wishing you & your family a great future & great contributions to humanity. 
As the co-founder of HOPE Qatar what you have done for the children of determination will always be remembered in the years to come. I hope the legacy is taken forward very well.” -Amanat Solanki, Founder, Mission20